Ayurvedic Clinic

Yoveda_Property 1The clinic facilities include 2 consultation rooms, 2 treatment rooms and a yoga studio, along with our shop front that provides products and herbal preparations that we believe in and stand behind, to help you achieve you total wellbeing.

Our Clinic practitioners are dedicated to helping you achieve your ‘Perfect Health’ and to feel the best you can.

The clinic is located at:  45 Macquarie St, cowra NSW  MAP


What is Ayurveda

Come in and see one of our Ayurvedic Consultants for a consult or a treatment

With Ayurveda your well-being is in your own hands.  A consultation will assess your Ayurvedic constitution and your present state of health.  You will be given a complete health regime specifically for you.  This will include diet, lifestyle and specific exercises required to achieve optimum balance.  First Consult Approx Time: 90 mins