Meditation Workshop




Meditation is crazy good for you, did you know that people who meditate:

  • Dramatically increase their immune functioning, including reducing stress-related illnesses and influenza viruses.
  • Can reduce long-term pain by 57% and at least 40% more than by resting or sleeping.
  • Can reduce inflammation, including arthritic pain.
  • Increase their happiness and decrease the incidence of anxiety and depression.
  • Have a more positive outlook on life and stress less.
  • Have increased social connections and emotional intelligence.
  • Are more compassionate.
  • Feel less lonely.
  • Have better memories.
  • Improve their brain’s health, including increasing grey matter.
  • Live longer with less disease by protecting their DNA.
  • Are more creative


Add to this, they also- 

  • Sleep better
  • Have better digestion, lower cholesterol, and better blood pressure.
  • Look and are younger (have a lower biological age

Meditation is really simple once you get it – and you get it through understanding the what, why and how.


  • Get you over the hump,
  • Explain the what, why & how and
  • Take you one step further towards a daily practice that is THE most healing thing you can do for both your mind and your body.


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