Winter Cooking Workshop – SOLD OUT!!!!


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Winter is a time where our hunger increases and we can find ourselves making poor choices around food and diet that lead to congestion and heaviness of body and mind. In this workshop, you will learn how to use food and especially herbs to create strength, wellness and vitality for the winter months and beyond. You will have recipes for each of the meals of the day and knowledge of how, when and why to incorporate herbs into your cooking.

Winter Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop 

  • Understand the qualities of winter & how to balance them.
  • Take the lid off porridge, making it exciting, delicious and nutritious (and not just made of rolled oats!)
  • Learn the base to creating delicious, nutritious winter meal options.
  • Learn the number one tool for balancing your weight in winter.
  • Learn the most important herbs for optimum winter health and vitality.
  • Enjoy helping in preparation, refining recipes for you and your families needs and eating the results!!


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