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For 6 weeks

Starting August 7th

On Wednesdays From 5.45 – 7 p.m.

Beginners Yoga  

6 Week Course

This series of six 70-minute classes is designed to walk you through the grounding principles of Yoga. It is suitable for the absolute beginner or those that would like to revisit the fundamentals of Yoga in order to strengthen and deepen their knowledge and practice.

This course includes Breathing, Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation, and is divided into the following categories:

  • An introduction to Yoga Language, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation.
  • Yoga breath work – (Pranayam). Becoming proficient at the three foundational Yoga breathing techniques.
  • The 5 foundation postures (asanas) of Yoga that underlie all asanas.
  • Developing an awareness of your anatomical structure, incorporating strong and safe alignment into your physical practice.
  • Learning to synchronise breath and movement to increase the level of energy (prana) from your practice and then apply this to daily life.
  • Class sequencing, becoming comfortable with moving from one posture to another.
  • A comprehensive experience of Level 1 asana work.

Step Up To A New Challenge!

Only $120-

Places are limited!


June 29th

Your Ayurveda Starter Kit
Cooking Workshop

Robyn is taking her kitchen to Studio Benefit Bathurst for a 3 hour Ayurvedic Cooking Class. This class, “The Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking to Support Digestion”, is designed as a hands-on experience, with heaps of time for questions and of course, you get to sample all the food that we cook.

This workshop is for you if you want:

  • To learn the importance of tastes in cooking to enhance digestion.
  • To understand the pitfalls of food combinations and how this can kill your digestion and create gas, reflux and bloating.
  • To get all the nitty-gritty details of how to use Ayurvedic cleansing to really clear out the toxic sludge that’s accumulated.
  • And So Much More…

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Due to the nature of this course, there are only a limited number of spaces.



August 3rd

10 a.m. – 12.30p.m.

Yoga Align

Level One Intensive: 150 Minutes Of Totally Guided & Assisted Yoga.

If you are ready to increase confidence in your yoga practice, to gain the maximum benefit from each posture in every class, and tackle the tricky questions you don’t want to ask…

Then This Intensive Is For You!

This Is Your Chance To:

  • Sort Out Your Sun-Salutation
  • Deepen Your Downward Dog
  • Love Your Lunge
  • Perfect Your Plank
  • Bolster Your Bhujangasana
  • Savour Your Savasana
  • And So Much More…

Power Up Your Yoga!


Due to the nature of this course, there are only a limited number of spaces.



August 3rd

2 – 4.30 p.m.

Yoga Align

Level Two Intensive: 150 Minutes of Totally Guided & Assisted Yoga on a New Level.

Do you feel ready to identify the more subtle nuances of each pose, explore the edges and in-between bits, and get into the deeper postures that create the subtle power base within you?

 Then This Intensive Is For You!

This Is Your Chance To:

  • Enliven Your Internal And External Rotations
  • Awaken Your Inner Warrior
  • Sort Out Your Skandasana
  • Perfect Your Padmotanasana
  • Buy Into Balance In Your Practice
  • Find Mindfulness In Your Meditation
  • And So Much More…

    Deepen Your Yoga Practice


Due to the nature of this course, there are only a limited number of spaces.

You must have either completed or registered for Yoga Align: Level One before registering for this course.


July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Complete Meditation Program

  • Get you over the hump,
  • Explain the what, why & how and
  • Take you one step further towards a daily practice that is THE most healing thing you can do for both your mind and your body.
This 4 week course has got people meditating who have been trying for years and years. You will have all the support you need to become comfortable in your daily meditation practice.
More information and registration opening soon.
Starts August 14

Your Radical Reboot
Online Program

Reset through Ayurveda, Common Sense & Love.

Your Radical Reboot is a 6-week interactive online program addressing the major health concerns identified by women today. Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, Robyn Lynch, applies her extensive knowledge and years of experience to simplify the principles of Ayurveda, bringing a truly holistic approach to nutrition, weight management, digestion, stress and hormonal issues; all packaged with a huge dose of common sense and love…click for more info

Single Payment $297-

Or 2 x $160-

Registrations open July 3rd


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