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Robyn Lynch – Lecturer and Group Facilitator


Robyn Lynch is a Practicitioner, Therapist, Business Manager, Parent and Educator, with a particular interest in Health and Wellbeing, and the science of Ayurvedic Medicine and its healing capacities.

Robyn is passionate about health with a commonsense approach to educating individuals on balancing their everyday life to stay well, with a keen interest on children’s health, having 3 of her own.

Robyn began her career as a High School Teacher where she experienced firsthand the stress that young people and children endure during their school years. Robyn decided to dedicate her life to finding out the best practices to address stress management in the school environment, which led her to Ayurvedic Medicine and the power in its healing. Now 17 years later her depth of knowledge about dealing with Stress in today’s world is profound. She is a credit to her community and all she has helped heal and grow.

Robyn has achieved the highest status as a master educator with the Chopra Centre in America, where she has completed extensive studies on meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, therapy, yoga and creating wellness. Robyn is now happy to bring these skills to the community by providing workshops and seminars to schools, workplaces and community groups.

Robyn runs a 4 week stress management course, where she inspires and educates students and teachers on how to deal with stress in the education environment and the world today. More specifically the course addresses:

  • Stress and how to identify the symptoms – identifying how stress affects the functioning of the body and what symptoms this creates for us physically, socially and emotionally.
  • How to Minimise and Manage Stress – When there is the potential for stress or stress occurs, a simple and reliable process for anyone to move forward with confidence.
  • Solutions to tackle stress head on! – These are practical solutions to managing stress when it arises and reducing the effects of stress through addressing diet, sleep practices, exercise, routine, breathing, self-talk and management of social media and electronic devices.
  • Quietening your world and slowing down – Learning the practices of mindfulness. Exploring how these can be used instead of, or in conjunction with medication.
  • Seeking Further Support – Addressing the question of “Where to from here?”

Robyn runs seminars and workshops nationally and is passionate about her teaching, providing common sense solutions to real health issues and is getting incredible results. She is dedicated to empowering others by providing them with tools for creating change and ultimate wellness within their lives. Take back control today!

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