Your teacher will help you to take your practice where you’d like to go. Please talk with us if you have any questions, or physical limitations, and we will recommend a class for you. Please remember, it’s YOUR practice — your best teacher resides within you. We ask you to listen to your body and adjust your practice to fit your needs.

Level 1

Level 1 is for those who are looking for a safe and effective way to keep their body mobile and healthy. Use your own body weight to improve strength and bone density, increase core strength, lengthen hamstrings, open hips and developing mobility. You will develop more movement through joints and learn breathing and meditation techniques to improve overall health and wellbeing. Choose this class if you are a beginner, have ongoing back concerns, are pregnant, less mobile, recovering from an injury or simply would like to enjoy yoga at a less intense level.

Level 2

Our level 2 class incorporates a mix of vinyasa (fluid) yoga, floor work targeted at core strength, hip opening and back strengthening. This is a creative and sometimes challenging class where you will always be fully aware of mind-body-breath connection Choose this class if you are looking for a balanced workout exploring your physical and mental boundaries in a safe, fun and healthy way. It includes breath work, relaxation and guided meditation.

Our classes welcome everyone, regardless of fitness level, or yoga experience.

Pop Up Yoga

A pop-up yoga class is one that is unscheduled and could be in an unusual place. Use your class card, unlimited pass or casual rate at the door. Where will we pop up next?

Yoga during Pregnancy and post-natal exercise

At the Perfect Health Centre we encourage women who are pregnant or post-natal to practise yoga regularly. Yoga supports the healing and rejuvenation that is required at these times of a woman’s life and can be practised right up to and during the birth, then can begin immediately following the birth with breathing and meditation practises to assist recovery. Always ensure the teacher is aware of your condition. Begin with a level one class for optimum results.