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At the Perfect Health Centre wellness is our priority

At the Perfect Health Centre we give you tools to “balance, enhance and restore” your complete health.

What is Ayurveda?

We all know that our universe operates with a constant rhythm. Our health is part of that rhythm. When we are in sync with the natural flows of the universe, getting up with the sun, going to bed with the sun, eating at the right time, sleeping at the right time, being active at the right time – our whole health will work as simply as the flow of night and day. When we go against the natural flows, we will find that our body will struggle with being well.

Ayurveda was developed by scientists over 5,000 years ago. They put together a system of medicine that looks at how we can live with the science of nature to give us optimum balance all the way through our life. Literally it means, the science of living – or the science of life.

Ayurvedic medicine recognises that through imbalance in our lives comes imbalance in body, leading to the current problems we have with our health – both physical and mental. All treatments at the Perfect Health Centre help to rebalance your body and mind according to your individual constitution. Find out more >>